Exotic Butterflies in Maryland

Tropical rainforest butterflies float over flowerbeds seeking the sweet nectar the blossoms produce. Morpho butterflies, iridescent sky blue above and brownish below land on a tray with rotting fruit to sip the salts and nutrients from soft bananas, pears and watermelon. Owl butterflies with large eye spots to scare predators also enjoy the produce. Zebra […]

Creature From Down Under

During a recent walk near Lake Tsala Apoka, Anne spots a strange creäture clinging to the edge of the sidewalk. I look down to see an insect with large eyes and claw-like legs. This weird-looking bug is a cicada nymph that just crawled out of the ground. Cicadas are those insects you hear buzzing from […]

The Butterfly That Migrates to Florida

It is early November in central Florida and although the evenings are cool, the days warm quickly with the rising sun. By mid-morning Gulf fritillaries, orange brown butterflies, visit Firebush shrubs in our backyard. These butterflies pour into the Florida peninsula for the winter retreating to frost free areas in the southern part of the […]

Welcome Monarchs!

It is December here in Florida and time to set up  the Christmas  tree and decorate it. As I hang ornaments of cardinals, geese, chickadees and other birds on the tree’s branches, I catch a glimpse of an orange butterfly outside our living room window. Peering out the window for a closer look, I was […]

Six-legged Sex

Maybe I should be ashamed, but there is nothing like taking pornographic pictures to keep life exciting. The other day I caught a guy and gal out in my front yard about to have sex in full view of my camera. She was twice the size of him. He held on to her back as […]

The Buzz at Arbor Lakes

On a mid-February Florida afternoon, Anne steps out the back door and hastily retreats. “There are lots of bees flying in the backyard.” As I opened the door, I instantly hear the faint, but distinctive hum of bees. There are dozens of small bees flying inches above the ground and hovering over what looks like anthills […]

The Moth With Eyes

One of my favorite North American moths is the Polyphemus moth. It is large with a 6 inch wing span. I recently found a hind wing of this species on a sidewalk here at Arbor Lakes. It is easy to identify because it has a purplish spot on its each hind wing that resembles an […]