Black Vultures on New Year’s Eve

Revelers will be celebrating a new year in urban jungles around the world. In various venues in Orlando, Florida, confetti will fly, fireworks will explode and people will cheer. On New Year Eve’s morning in a central Florida wetland, I find several black vultures sitting on a railing oblivious to our traditions, look them in […]

Sunrise in Daytona

We are in a hotel in Daytona, Florida for a few days to enjoy the grandeur of the ocean, explore the beach and take in the salty air. I hate getting up early, especially when I am on vacation, but today I awaken just before sunrise.  I get up  out of my comfortable bed, grab […]

Giant Fleas at Cocoa Beach!

Sand fleas, the size of your thumb, live in the wake zone where ocean waves break along the sandy beach. These creatures are not really fleas; they are a species of crab called mole crab or more appropriately named the Atlantic sand crab. Mole crabs live buried in the sand facing the direction of the […]

Ghosts of Cocoa Beach

Walking along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at Cocoa Beach, Florida, I sense something crawling on the sand out of the corner of my eye. I stop, stoop down, and survey the sandy beach, but I see nothing. I continue my walk and again catch a glimpse of something scurrying on the sand, but […]

Lunch on Kings Bay

Anne and I enjoy eating out on the porch of a restaurant on the Kings Bay in Crystal River, Florida. The restaurant overlooks Kings Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. Five boats are moored in the calm mirror-like waters of the large bay. An occasional small boat pulls into the adjoining docks, its passengers come […]

The Piscivorous Double-crested Cormorant

    Visit the any U.S. shoreline or inland waterway and you are sure to find this ubiquitous bird. It is one of the oldest birds; its ancestors date back to the dinosaurs. The cormorant has an insatiable appetite for fish. It is a superb swimmer, using its powerful legs and webbed feet to propel […]

Foggy Morning

A dense fog forms overnight along the west coast of Florida. It lingers until late morning giving me an opportunity to snap a few photographs along the edge of Lake Tsala Apopka in Citrus County. It is a surreal landscape, quiet, misty, and subdued. The water laps gently along the shore. I hear the plop […]