The Non-Native Beauty

In my daughter’s Maryland spring backyard, I discovered a dainty blue wildflower growing in the shade cast by trees and in the shadow of a wooden fence that borders her property. With scalloped leaves and four petaled flowers, the slender speedwell thrives in the moist soils here.

A non-native, this plant traveled from Europe to North America and became established in my daughter’s backyard. Sitting near a patch of these pretty blue blossoms, I watched honey bees and bumble bees buzz from one flower to another for this plant’s sweet nectar. Despite being alien, it supports a variety of native bees and butterflies and that is fine with me.

7 comments on “The Non-Native Beauty

  1. How delicate, but what strength to make the trip and not only survive, but thrive! Thank you for sharing!


  2. It has been many years since I saw a speedwell – a welcome immigrant! I have some Hawaii transplants that do well and are not invasive.


  3. Beautiful. I have some almost like that growing at the edge of my yard.

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