The “Warm-blooded” Plant

The “Warm-blooded” Plant

  It is March and the wetlands in the northeast U.S. are still frozen. The landscape is gray with leafless trees and shrubs. The ground is covered with decaying leaves, pockets of ice and in some places snow. Yet for as bleak as this environment looks, the first sign of spring appears. Flower heads of […]

Cut-leaf Morning Glory

Cut-leaf Morning Glory

During a recent walk in a park here in Florida, Anne pointed out these beautiful morning glory flowers growing on intertwining vines that climbed on the shrubs of the woodlands. The blossoms were white with a splash of magenta in the center. Its leaves were intricately cut – finger like. Seed capsules hung off the […]

Florida False Sunflower

While much of the country experienced sub freezing temperatures and even snow, here in Central Florida it is in the 80’s. Some fall wildflowers are still in bloom including this Florida False Sunflower. It is a welcome sight, but even here, temperatures will take a dive close to freezing and most of the blossoms will […]

Beavertail Cactus

This is a low spreading plant of dry, rocky slopes in the Mojave Desert at Red Rock Canyon. It is well adapted to grow in the parched desert environment. As with other desert cacti, this plant’s leaves are spines. These thorny leaves have less surface area than broad leaves of deciduous plants. This reduces water loss […]

Ghost Plants of American Forests

A peculiar wild flower grows in many forest throughout North America. It is a strange plant because it has no chlorophyll, the substance that gives plants their green color and is critical in the production of food for the plant through photosynthesis. It is totally white – stems scale-like leaves and flowers. It depends on […]

The Beautiful Spider Lily

Crayon green linear leaves sprout from underground bulbs amid the knees of a cypress tree growing in the shallow water at the edge of Lake Tsala Apopka. Amid this attractive foliage, snow white flowers bloom on the end of long green stalks in the Florida sunshine. The blooming of the spider lily is a welcome […]

Wild Morning Glory

Deep violet blossoms pepper a dark Cypress forest giving the shady woodland some pleasing color. Each flower’s dark violet center guides bumblebees to the flower’s nectar. As it leans in for the nectar, the bee’s legs rub against pollen and by default, pollinates the plants when it flies from flower to flower. By noon, the flowers […]