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Florida Drought 2017

  It is May 2017 and the Southwest Florida Water Management District has issued Phase 3 water shortage restrictions limiting the use of water for watering lawns and washing cars. The below average rainfall this winter has contributed to the dearth of water. Lakes are receding into shallow ponds concentrating fish, frogs and other aquatic […]

“What is That?”

“What is That?”

Asks 4 year old Teagan when she sees a strange creature on the ground in our Florida back yard. She is a kid growing up in the suburban sprawl of New York City out on Long Island. She has seen rabbits, squirrels, birds of all kinds, turtles, frogs, and even deer in the local parks, […]

Furry Birds at My Feeder

Cardinals, chickadees, red-winged blackbirds, and doves are some of the birds that fly to my backyard feeders to feast on sunflower, millet and other seeds. Every day a big gray furry bird with a long tail and big dark eyes visits the feeders to devour the sun flower seeds. There are conflicts between the feathered […]

Giant Fleas at Cocoa Beach!

Sand fleas, the size of your thumb, live in the wake zone where ocean waves break along the sandy beach. These creatures are not really fleas; they are a species of crab called mole crab or more appropriately named the Atlantic sand crab. Mole crabs live buried in the sand facing the direction of the […]

Ghosts of Cocoa Beach

Walking along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at Cocoa Beach, Florida, I sense something crawling on the sand out of the corner of my eye. I stop, stoop down, and survey the sandy beach, but I see nothing. I continue my walk and again catch a glimpse of something scurrying on the sand, but […]

Lichens – Cuisine for Reindeer

The caribou, also called the reindeer, is a herbivore. During the summer it eats willows and the abundant grasses and flowering plants on the tundra. Winter frost and snow kill the herbaceous plants and cover low growing shrubs cutting off an important food source for the caribou. This large hoofed animal is capable of sniffing […]

Reminiscence and the Rabbit

As Anne and I step out the door of our Florida villa, I spot a wild rabbit half hidden under a hibiscus bush next to our driveway. The sight conjures up a déjà vu moment for me that I can trace back to my childhood years in New York. I grew up on Long Island […]