Birds of Prey

Barred Owl

This evening a barred owl flies out of one tree into another. Since it was dusk, I pushed the ISO to 3200 on my camera to adjust for the dim lighting. The owl was hunting mice, rabbits and squirrels that were eating their last morsels of food before darkness set in. And I was hunting […]

What Hawk is That?

Walking along the shore of Lake Tsala Apopka on a recent spring day,  a raptor sitting on a post of a floating dock caught my eye. It was intently looking at the lawn, turning and titling its head looking for something to eat. I was not sure what kind of hawk it was. It was […]

Swallow-tailed Kite Migration Begins

Coming from Long Island, New York, I was elated to see what looked like an exotic bird here in Florida while driving north on Route 200. At first I thought someone was flying kite in a field along the highway, but I slowed down long enough to see that it was actually a large forked-tailed […]

Who’s That Knocking at My Window?

Thump! Anne and I hear coming from our Florida room. “What was that?” I ask Anne. I was thinking one of our pet prairie dogs climbed to the top of the cage, then it dropped down to the floor. “I think it was a bird crashing into a window,” Anne tells me. A short time […]

If You Like Squirrels, Don’t Read This!

“Caw, caw… caw, caw, caw,” Anne and I hear during our daily morning walk along Lake Tsala Apopka. There are two crows are calling from a large lower branch of a very old and very large live oak tree draped in Spanish moss. I snap a few photographs even though the crows are in the […]

The Comeback Kids

Sitting at an open bar at King’s Bay in Crystal River, Florida, I hear a familiar sharp whistle. I look over to see a tall pole with a platform on top where there are four black and white heads looking over its edge. Above the platform are two adult osprey soaring overhead looking down, probably […]