Birds of Prey

Who’s That Knocking at My Window?

Thump! Anne and I hear coming from our Florida room. “What was that?” I ask Anne. I was thinking one of our pet prairie dogs climbed to the top of the cage, then it dropped down to the floor. “I think it was a bird crashing into a window,” Anne tells me. A short time […]

If You Like Squirrels, Don’t Read This!

“Caw, caw… caw, caw, caw,” Anne and I hear during our daily morning walk along Lake Tsala Apopka. There are two crows are calling from a large lower branch of a very old and very large live oak tree draped in Spanish moss. I snap a few photographs even though the crows are in the […]

The Comeback Kids

Sitting at an open bar at King’s Bay in Crystal River, Florida, I hear a familiar sharp whistle. I look over to see a tall pole with a platform on top where there are four black and white heads looking over its edge. Above the platform are two adult osprey soaring overhead looking down, probably […]