The Noisy Hawk

Stepping out of my Florida home one morning, I hear the scream-like call of the red-shouldered hawk, a species known for its loud raucous cries and sharp whistles that can be heard from a mile away. I watch it fly over our homes and into a laurel oak tree where it rests briefly then flies to a rooftop of a nearby home.

There is plenty for it to eat – snakes, lizards, rabbits and the large lubber grasshoppers. I have even seen it eyeing up the small birds that come to people’s feeders. I watch it for a while when it suddenly drops down into the concrete driveway and grabs an unsuspecting anole for breakfast and flies off into a nearby tree. This is the way it hunts most of the time – perched on a low branch of a tree waiting for prey to walk within striking distance.

Normally a forest and wetland dwelling species, it has adapted well to the semi-urban landscape here in our community. This is probably why this is one species that has fared well despite the destruction of forest habitat for urban sprawl.

5 comments on “The Noisy Hawk

  1. Gary, I am delighted to find a fellow Florida animal lover on WordPress! ❤ I think I can probably learn a lot from you. I have a series about Florida wildlife, Hanging Out with Wild Animals. I have researched the animals in the books, but my background is teaching elementary school. 🙂

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  2. Thanks. I am blessed living in a rural area where all kinds of birds and wildlife appear in my small yard – bobcats, armadillos, opossums, racoons and more! Thanks, Gary

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  3. A great hawk image. 😊

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