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Penguin of the Sea

The Adelie penguin migrates to sea in the Antarctic winter where it lives amongst the pack ice consuming its preferred food – krill. During the Antarctic summer, from October to February these medium-sized penguins return to the exposed rocky shores of Antarctica where they breed in large colonies. By mid-November, after making a nest of […]

Third Largest Penguin in the World

Standing 30 inches tall, the gentoo penguin lives in the southern circumpolar region on the perimeter of Antarctica and the outlying islands. This penguin prefers to stay close to shore where it dives into the icy water to eat krill, fish and squid. Its streamlined body and strong paddle feet enable the gentoo to swim […]

Africa’s Most Common Gazelle

Numbering over a half a million individuals, the Thompson’s gazelle is an abundant antelope of dry grasslands in east Africa. This spry small animal is hunted by lions, leopards and cheetahs. Its keen sense of hearing, sight and smell gives this gazelle an advantage in spotting danger. It often escapes predators with shorts sprints of […]