The Ubiquitous Moss

Mosses are primitive plants that come in many forms and grow in a variety of habitats. These plants produce spores, not seeds and the spores are so light that they are carried into the atmosphere and around the world. The haircap moss grows on nearly every continent on earth. Up close, it looks like a miniature forest. Although it grows year-round, the winter is a good time to easily find this evergreen plant in a leafless landscape.

4 comments on “ The Ubiquitous Moss

  1. Soft green moss covering the ground reminds me of nature’s carpet.


    • Yes especially the pin cushion moss. I worked at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum early in my career and the paths around their wildlfower walks were carpeted with this moss. And atone time when it was in private hands, workers swept the moss carpet!

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  2. There is something special about moss. Wonderful photo 😀


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