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When Gators Roar

In the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, two ten foot male American alligators confront each other on a hot and humid day in May. One male bellows at his opponent. The other arches its back and shows its gaping mouth. In an instant, tumultuous splashes expose the aggressiveness of the gators as they battle to […]

One Hundredth Blog!

  This will be blog number 100 since I created naturechirp a few years ago. I thought I would take this time to post my favorite moments with wildlife since moving here to Florida. From raccoons making night raids on the hummingbird feeder to soaring kites and gliding carnivorous snails, there certainly has been many […]

Gator Love!

Bellows reverberate in a Florida cypress swamp. I assume the noise is from cars with bad mufflers on a nearby highway, but Anne points out that it is alligators making that guttural roar. The sound is so loud at times that it vibrates the wooden walkway we are on. That is astonishing since alligators don’t […]

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