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Wintering Chipping Sparrows

One of my favorite winter birds is the chipping sparrow. These petite sparrows are easily identified by a rusty-brown cap on an otherwise dull underbelly with brown striped wings and back. A black stripe through the eye is another identifying feature of this bird. Chipping sparrows migrate south for the winter and each year they […]

Wintering Chipping Sparrows

For me, seeing chipping sparrows in Florida in the middle of the winter is strange. That’s because when I lived in New York, the chipping sparrow was an indication of spring, not a sign of winter. Chipping sparrows  returned from their southern wintering grounds in March.  The sparrows  built flimsy stick nests in the white […]

Thanksgiving is for the Birds!

Temperatures here in Florida took a dive last night into the mid 30s. This Thanksgiving morning gave rise to many birds visiting our backyard feeders. Chickadees, titmice and cardinals feasted on sunflower seeds. Mourning doves and chipping sparrows devoured the smaller seeds. Even a Carolina wren decided to grab a few seeds. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!