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Cultivating a Future Naturalist

“Hi! Hi!”, I hear my 16-month-old granddaughter say excitedly in our Florida room. Wondering who she was talking to, I look into the room to see her face to face with a young eastern gray squirrel that climbed on the window ledge to peer into our house. The squirrel seemed as enchanted to see my […]

Bounty on the Beach!

    Sitting on the shore in Cocoa Beach Florida, my senses take in the sights and sounds of the Atlantic Coast. Today strong northeast winds cause an angry sea. Waves crash on the sandy beach drowning out the sounds of children playing on the beach. The wave outflow forms a swash of water that carries […]

Nature’s Clean-up Crew

We would not be very happy if we lived with the stench of rotting carcasses of dead wildlife. Although many people find these birds repulsive, turkey vultures ensure that we live in a world devoid of nasty odors.  These vultures have a keen sense of smell and acute eyesight that enables these large birds to […]

My December Butterfly

Sleeping late in the morning is a benefit of retirement. There is no need to get up early to go to work or see the kids off to school. You get up when you get up. Anne and I climbed out of bed a little past 9:00 a.m., conducted our morning routines, had breakfast and […]

What do Birds do During a Hurricane?

Anne and I hunkered down in our daughter and son-in-laws’ home on Long Island when hurricane Sandy struck the New York area. We were there for our granddaughter’s christening the day before the brunt force of the storm hit. Outdoor pictures of blowing hair with baby Teagan in front of the church were evidence that […]

Newborn Beauties Float on Gentile Breezes to Begin Their Journey of Life

Jade green Monarch chrysalids dangle from the backyard plants, windowsills and even the barbecue. Anne and I wait with great anticipation for ten days to pass to see these orange beauties rupture from their diaphanous sheaths. We know this is about to happen when the chrysalis begins to turn black. Within 24 hours, a new […]

They are Toads, not Frogs!

I can’t help it. It is the scientist in me. I have to sort each creature in its proper classification. It started in the high school biology class and continued through college and into my job. How is a toad different from a frog? Well, if you are brave enough to touch a toad’s skin […]