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Curly Tailed Lizards Invade Cocoa Beach, Florida

Walking along a wooden walkway that leads to an Atlantic Ocean beach, 8-inch stocky lizards scurry and dart through the slats of the wooden railing. I stop and look over the railing to get a better view of the lizard. This creature was standing with its feet in the sand under a grove of sea […]

The Red-eared Slider: A Southern U.S. Native and an Invasive Species Elsewhere

A native of Mexico and the southern U.S. the red-eared slider can be found in just about any lake. They are easily identified with a distinct red strip on both sides of their head. When young, these turtles eat insects and other aquatic organisms, but as an adult the red-eared slider becomes a herbivore (vegetarian). […]

Attractive, but a Pest!

Along the edges of the lakes and swamps in Florida is a bush with magnificent yellow flowers that are in full bloom in October.  Once a native of Central and South America, its alluring, showy blossoms attracted gardeners who planted it here in Florida and other southern States. This plant is called the primrose willow. […]