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The Amazing Seahorse

The Amazing Seahorse

I love seahorses. Go to any aquarium and you are likely to see a tank full of these fish. In the natural world, they live in the coastal waters of tropical and temperate regions. I occasionally found them in the marine waters off of Long Island in New York. There are about 45 species worldwide […]

Horror in the Milkweed Patch

Horror in the Milkweed Patch

Anne walks out the front door into our yard to look for caterpillars on the milkweed. She has seen some Monarch butterflies recently and thought they may have laid eggs on the plants. A few minutes later, she knocks on the dining room window and tells me to come quick with my camera. As I […]

The Bald Eagle Makes a Come Back

Before retiring, I worked as a biologist and environmental educator on Long Island in New York. Stationed at the Connetquot River State Park Preserve, a 3,500 pine barren park, I always became excited when a bald eagle appeared during the winter, a rarity at that time. One year, an extended cold spell froze lakes and […]

Another Abundant Penguin Species

The chinstrap penguins are medium-sized penguins that live in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic Islands in the south Atlantic Ocean.Theses birds avoid ice packs and prefers rocky, snow free slopes to breed. This species primary food is krill and like other penguin species leopard seals are the primary predator. Like the rockhopper penguins, this is also […]

Penguin of the Sea

The Adelie penguin migrates to sea in the Antarctic winter where it lives amongst the pack ice consuming its preferred food – krill. During the Antarctic summer, from October to February these medium-sized penguins return to the exposed rocky shores of Antarctica where they breed in large colonies. By mid-November, after making a nest of […]

World’s Second Largest Penguin

The king penguin takes this title with its 3-foot stature, second only to the large emperor penguin that is 4 feet tall. It lives in colonies numbering 10’s of thousands of pairs on various the sub-Antarctic islands. This penguin’s main diet is fish, but it also eats some krill. Leopard seals are a constant danger […]

Third Largest Penguin in the World

Standing 30 inches tall, the gentoo penguin lives in the southern circumpolar region on the perimeter of Antarctica and the outlying islands. This penguin prefers to stay close to shore where it dives into the icy water to eat krill, fish and squid. Its streamlined body and strong paddle feet enable the gentoo to swim […]