Salt Marsh Photos for You

Anne and I recently traveled over to the Gulf of Mexico to the Crystal River Preserve State Park to the Red Fish Hole Trail Head to prepare for an upcoming children’s bird walk we will be conducting for Citrus County Audubon. Low tide is the best time to see wading birds – egrets, herons, and limpkins – the low water enables these long legged birds to access the area to hunt for fish, shellfish, and crustaceans. There magnificent views of the salt marsh with hummocks of sub-tropical trees. We went back at sundown one day to enjoy the setting sun. I though I’d share some photographs area and will add more posts on the life in this marsh as we continue to visit this very special place.

2 comments on “Salt Marsh Photos for You

  1. Absolutely beautiful scenery. We were in Florida a few months ago and saw similar marshes and grasses at a preserve, but I’ve forgotten the name — maybe Payne’s or something like that. Anyway, I wish I could have been there at sundown to capture something similar that you have captured and shared here.


  2. Thanks. I am just getting into attempting sunset pictures. Not that easy, but you learn from your mistakes. Waiting for a spectacular evening with lots of clouds in the sky full of colors!


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