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One Hundredth Blog!

  This will be blog number 100 since I created naturechirp a few years ago. I thought I would take this time to post my favorite moments with wildlife since moving here to Florida. From raccoons making night raids on the hummingbird feeder to soaring kites and gliding carnivorous snails, there certainly has been many […]

My Adrenaline Rush

Adrenalin rushed through my body as I stepped out my back door and heard a sound I hoped I would never hear in my yard. It was a menacing rattle that warned me to stay away! I immediately froze, looked down and smiled. I first thought I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake at the back […]

Is it a Stick? A Blade of Grass? No it’s a Snake!

While walking around our home the other day, I saw what appeared to be a twig sticking up out of the ornamental bushes surrounding the air conditioner.  I went to pull it out of the bushes only to find that this “stick” was a black snake that poked its head out of the shrubs and […]