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Is it a Stick? A Blade of Grass? No it’s a Snake!

While walking around our home the other day, I saw what appeared to be a twig sticking up out of the ornamental bushes surrounding the air conditioner.  I went to pull it out of the bushes only to find that this “stick” was a black snake that poked its head out of the shrubs and carefully aligned itself with a large blade of grass. The snake saw me, turned its head for a moment then resumed its stationary pose, waiting for an unsuspecting lizard to cross its path. But the lizards were aware of the serpent and had climbed high to the safety of the outside walls of the house. I watched it for a while, but it had more patience that I. Now I know, if you see the lizards climbing the walls, there may be a reason for it. That stick may just be a snake!

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