Do No Harm – Spanish Moss

Since my last blog about Spanish moss, a few people questioned this plant’s impact to trees. Many people assume that it causes damage and ultimately the death of the tree it lives on. This plant grows best on aged trees. The dead branches in older trees slough off important nutrients the plant needs to thrive. The weight of Spanish moss on dead limbs will cause the branches to fall especially with after heavy rains and strong winds;  this is a form of natural pruning.  But if you have one of these old trees on your property have it evaluated by a reputable arborist who can advise you one maintaining the health of the tree.

4 comments on “Do No Harm – Spanish Moss

  1. I’ve wondered about this. It makes sense since I see many trees living with Spanish moss. My friend calls it a beautiful parasite. But it doesn’t seem to do much damage.


    • Hi JoAnna, It thrives on older trees that are near their end of life because these trees have branches that are dying and shedding nutrients. The Spanish moss is what horror movies are made of LOL Gary

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