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Warning! This is Gruesome and Nauseating!!!

Eastern gray squirrels are frequent visitors to our backyard bird feeders here in central Florida.  One day in early August, a squirrel appeared full of what I thought were cancerous growths on its body. The growths were large, dangling enlargements that protruded an inch or so from the pelt of the squirrel. Despite its “diseased” […]

The Bird That Swims With Its Feet

During a recent kayak trip on Lake Tsala Apopka, Florida, I heard the cackling call of the common gallinule coming from a freshwater wetland bordering the pond. As I glided towards the marshland I saw two adults with two nearly fledged chicks swimming amongst water lilies and reeds. To a novice, the common gallinule may […]

Creature From Down Under

During a recent walk near Lake Tsala Apoka, Anne spots a strange creäture clinging to the edge of the sidewalk. I look down to see an insect with large eyes and claw-like legs. This weird-looking bug is a cicada nymph that just crawled out of the ground. Cicadas are those insects you hear buzzing from […]

The Beautiful Spider Lily

Crayon green linear leaves sprout from underground bulbs amid the knees of a cypress tree growing in the shallow water at the edge of Lake Tsala Apopka. Amid this attractive foliage, snow white flowers bloom on the end of long green stalks in the Florida sunshine. The blooming of the spider lily is a welcome […]

It is January and Spring is in the Air

Chickadees sing and cardinals whistle around us as Anne and I walk in our community here in Central Florida. Although it is January, the days are growing longer causing hormones to surge through birds’ bodies stimulating males to begin the task of setting up nesting territories to attract mates. A mockingbird stands guard atop a […]

Wild Morning Glory

Deep violet blossoms pepper a dark Cypress forest giving the shady woodland some pleasing color. Each flower’s dark violet center guides bumblebees to the flower’s nectar. As it leans in for the nectar, the bee’s legs rub against pollen and by default, pollinates the plants when it flies from flower to flower. By noon, the flowers […]

“What is That?”

“What is That?”

Asks 4 year old Teagan when she sees a strange creature on the ground in our Florida back yard. She is a kid growing up in the suburban sprawl of New York City out on Long Island. She has seen rabbits, squirrels, birds of all kinds, turtles, frogs, and even deer in the local parks, […]