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Florida Drought 2017

  It is May 2017 and the Southwest Florida Water Management District has issued Phase 3 water shortage restrictions limiting the use of water for watering lawns and washing cars. The below average rainfall this winter has contributed to the dearth of water. Lakes are receding into shallow ponds concentrating fish, frogs and other aquatic […]

Largest North American Heron Here at Arbor Lakes

Taller than our 2 year old granddaughter and almost as tall as our 4 year old grandson, Anne and I frequently see this connoisseur of shrimp, fish, lizards, frogs and even small mammals along the edge of Lake Tsala Apopka. Don’t be fooled by the great blue heron’s statuesque appearance. It is capable of striking […]

What do Birds do on Hot Days?

Poor bird! You will never believe what this great blue heron did to cool down on this sweltering Florida afternoon! Sweat poured down my forehead as I walked down to Lake Tsala Apopka one hot summer afternoon. Although clouds billowed in the distance, afternoon thunderstorms had not come yet to cool off the steamy air. Anne […]

Do Herons Have Tongues?

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

Terror on East Pond It was a beautiful spring day along the Connetquot River on New York’s Long Island. The crisp morning air was washed of smog from spring rains that fell overnight. Raindrops, caught by the spring growth of swamp maples, black gums, and viburnums, glistened in the morning sun. As I walked along […]