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Florida Drought 2017


It is May 2017 and the Southwest Florida Water Management District has issued Phase 3 water shortage restrictions limiting the use of water for watering lawns and washing cars. The below average rainfall this winter has contributed to the dearth of water.

Lakes are receding into shallow ponds concentrating fish, frogs and other aquatic life. Great blue herons, egrets, ibis and limpkins feast on the fish trapped in these pools.

The exposed lake bottoms are cracked from the sun baking the muddy soils. Tracks of raccoons, ducks, opossum and herons tell the stories of wildlife travel to and from the pooled water.

For me, I have no problem conserving water. My lawn can dry up and my car can be dirty a bit longer, but I do care about the impact of the drought on our wild plants, birds and wildlife. Hopefully, once the rainy season starts in June, afternoon thunderstorms and tropical storms will replenish the life line that aquatic flora and fauna need to survive.

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