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Water Turkeys in Florida

A large, strange inky black bird with a snake-like head and webbed feet swims under water hunting fish in Lake Tsala Apopka. It is an underwater fishing expert and is skilled at spearing fish with its long, thin, pointed beak. It emerges from the water, swims to a limb, climbs up and hangs its soaked […]

Largest North American Heron Here at Arbor Lakes

Taller than our 2 year old granddaughter and almost as tall as our 4 year old grandson, Anne and I frequently see this connoisseur of shrimp, fish, lizards, frogs and even small mammals along the edge of Lake Tsala Apopka. Don’t be fooled by the great blue heron’s statuesque appearance. It is capable of striking […]

Central Florida Rookeries Winding Down

Most of the herons and egret chicks have hatched and are nearly or fully fledged in this Orlando rookery. We still see an occasional cattle egret parent incubating eggs, but active nests are becoming scarce. Though many fledged birds are hunting for fish, tadpoles and other aquatic life on their own, they still act like they […]

Tri-colored Herons

During our routine morning walk along Lake Tsala Apopka, I spy an unusual looking heron, with slate-blue feathers, wading in the shallow water at the edge of one of the small islands. Upon closer examination, I see that it is the beautiful tri-colored heron, formerly named the Louisiana heron. It is searching for fish, tadpoles […]

Cattle Egrets Swarm Livestock

When you drive pass the cattle ranches here in Citrus County, Florida you will see cattle egrets. The insects attracted to and stirred up by the cattle are readily eaten by these egrets. It is not unusual to see flocks of cattle egrets following behind the ranchers’ farm equipment. These birds feast on the grasshoppers, […]