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Tri-colored Herons

During our routine morning walk along Lake Tsala Apopka, I spy an unusual looking heron, with slate-blue feathers, wading in the shallow water at the edge of one of the small islands. Upon closer examination, I see that it is the beautiful tri-colored heron, formerly named the Louisiana heron. It is searching for fish, tadpoles and other aquatic life.

It is May, the nesting season for these and other herons and egrets. This bird may be from a nearby rookery, a colony of herons and egrets all nesting in the same site, probably in willow thickets along the edge of this waterway. Both the male and female construct the stick nest where 3 to 4 blue-green eggs are laid. Both mom and dad will incubate the eggs and care for the young.

Anne and I watch the heron for some time until it flies off and out of our sight. We look forward to seeing more of this species during our morning walks along the lake.

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