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Lake Tsala Apopka – Florida

A chain of lakes, wetlands and islands consisting of 19,000 acres makes up Lake Tsala Apopka. Three large “pools” – the Floral City Pool, the Inverness Pool and the Hernando Pool – are within Tsala Apopka Lake. It is part of the Withlacoochee River system. The chain of lakes was once linked to the river through water draining from the wetlands into the river, but canals now connect these waterways.

The lake supports much wildlife. Blue gill, sunfish, crappies, catfish and large-mouth bass are caught here, but there are a variety of  “bait” fish and even alligator gar.  It is not unusual to see otters swimming in the lake waters and of course there are American alligators everywhere. At night choruses of a variety of frogs and toads can be heard in the spring especially after heavy rains. Wading birds including great blue herons, snowy and great egrets, tri-colored herons, ibis and limpkins feast on fish, tadpoles, frogs, fresh water mussels and snails that are abundant here. Osprey, kingfishers and cormorants also frequent the lake to hunt for fish.

The beauty of the Tsala Apopka Lake is not just in its wildlife, but it provides peaceful scenic views for those who live along it, visit it and boat on it.  Anne and I are glad we live near this remarkable lake system.

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