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The Beautiful Banded Sphinx Moth

The Beautiful Banded Sphinx Moth

When Anne takes the mail out, she calls me from our front porch. “I know your foot hurts, but you might want to bring your camera,” she tells me. Having just injured my right foot, I hobble over to the love seat, grab my camera and painfully limp over to the front door. To my […]

The Hummingbird Imposter

At first glance it appeared to be dozens of tiny hummingbirds getting nectar from a large flowering bush in my neighbor’s front yard. Excited, I darted in the house to grab my camera. Once I got closer to the shrub it became apparent that these were not hummingbirds, but hummingbird moths. These moths have plump […]

The Moth With Eyes

One of my favorite North American moths is the Polyphemus moth. It is large with a 6 inch wing span. I recently found a hind wing of this species on a sidewalk here at Arbor Lakes. It is easy to identify because it has a purplish spot on its each hind wing that resembles an […]