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Unsolved Mystery – Case Closed

Aha! You are caught! I should have known it was you! You thief! Why do you just hang there like that? Do you really think you are entitled to that nectar? Hey, I’m talking to you! Turn around and look at me. That’s not for you! The creature drops from the feeder and walks over to […]

Unsolved Mysteries – The Lucky Break

Evidence in the backyard. Note the bird bath top is on the ground. Anne shakes me from a sound sleep. It’s 4:00 in the morning. “Gary, I hate to wake you up, but there is something hanging from the hummingbird feeder,” she tells me. I get up, rub my eyes and throw on a robe. […]

Unsolved Mysteries at Arbor Lakes

Sitting in my parent’s Florida room during a visit 10 years ago, I enjoy seeing all the birds that visit their yard. Their Citrus County home is in the middle of cattle ranches and the open farmland attracts turkey vultures, bluebirds and cattle egrets. My mom says, “You know what I’ve yet to see here? […]