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Unsolved Mysteries – The Lucky Break

Evidence in the backyard. Note the bird bath top is on the ground.

Anne shakes me from a sound sleep. It’s 4:00 in the morning. “Gary, I hate to wake you up, but there is something hanging from the hummingbird feeder,” she tells me. I get up, rub my eyes and throw on a robe. Could this be the criminal stealing the nectar? Will I finally figure out why my hummingbird feeder is empty each morning?

Not wanting to scare it away, I stand in the living room and look through the Florida room windows into the backyard. The moon in the southwest sky casts a blue/gray glow in our yard. I see the top of our bird bath is knocked over and upside down on the ground. I look over to the hummingbird feeder and see a dark shadowy figure hanging from the feeder. In the moonlit darkness it looks like a writhing sack of potatoes.

I walk slowly over to the window and fix my eyes on at the feeder and still can’t make out what it is. It looks like some small strange animal. I decide to walk slowly to the back door light switch and hope that I can identify it before it runs away.  I feel for the light switch in the dark room and flick it on. Oh, my gosh! I don’t believe it!

Note: In another day, I will reveal the culprit. I have photographic evidence.

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