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How Milkweed Helped the Tiger Swallowtail!

How Milkweed Helped the Tiger Swallowtail!

Monarch butterflies continue to find the milkweed plants in our garden to lay eggs. Soon, there are only green sticks left to our milkweed plants dotted with hungry caterpillars. Anne counts 15 monarch caterpillars of various sizes. We find a small one crawling on our hot concrete driveway looking for more milkweed plants to eat. […]

A Queen is Born!

A Queen is Born!

The queen caterpillars we found on our milkweed plants have grown, pupated and are about to hatch. We see one of the chrysalids (butterfly pupa) turn from a spring green to a dark color signifying the impending birth of the adult butterfly. Soon the butterfly breaks free of the chrysalis, hangs on to the shell […]

Resurrection Fern – The Living Dead

One thing you do not see in the pine barrens of Long Island in New York  is ferns growing on the trunks of trees.  But here in Florida it is a common sight. And recently, these ferns caught my eye and I decided to photograph them growing on the bark of live oak trees and […]

Gold Buttons in November

The phone rings and I answer it. It is my daughter  from Maryland telling me it is freezing  and that there are winter weather advisories for her area. She tells me they may be getting a bit of snow followed by ice and then rain threatening to make her morning compute to the D.C. area […]

What IS That Bird?

  “What kind of bird looks like a small heron, but is black and white? We see it every evening down by the lake.”  This is a question that several Arbor Lakes residents asked me recently on my daily walks and in the pool. Without having seen the bird, I suggested that it could be […]

Shh! Don’t Tell Anne!

To say Anne does not like any creature with too many legs or no legs at all is an understatement. While walking along Lake Tsala Apopka recently she retreated behind me pushing me forward because she spotted a four-foot long snake on the ground that we nearly stepped on. It remained motionless even as I […]

A Warm Winter’s Day in Florida

Anne and I woke up on this January morning in Florida to temperatures in the low 70s. This is even unusually warm for a Florida winter. We decided to take advantage of the nice day by heading over to the Gulf coast to Fort Island Gulf Beach. Wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts, we grabbed […]