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Who’s That Sleeping in My Feeder?

Anyone who has ever fed wild birds shares the same frustrations as I, when the entourage of neighborhood squirrels wreak havoc at the backyard bird feeding station. The squirrels spill seed, chew feeders, and scare birds away. They are clever creatures and it seems that no matter how well you try to discourage them, they always find a way to steal the food meant for birds. I always throw some sunflower seeds on the ground to try to satisfy their craving, but they still prefer the seeds in the feeders despite the easy meal on the ground.

Much to my chagrin, I found a young squirrel all cozy, curled up and sleeping in my pot bird feeder this morning. The sunflower seeds provided a comfy bed for this beast. Not only are they eating the birds’ food, one of them decided that this is home sweet home!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I like squirrels, but not when they rob the songbirds of their food. I have to admit, seeing this young squirrel sleeping in the feeder was a cute sight and I did not disturb it despite my animosity to it. Later in the morning, I checked on the young squirrel and it was gone. I am sure it will be back to pilfer the birds’ food along with its friends, but for now I am enjoying seeing chickadees, tufted titmice, chipping sparrows at the feeders.

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