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Who’s That Sleeping in My Feeder?

Who’s That Sleeping in My Feeder?

Anyone who has ever fed wild birds shares the same frustrations as I, when the entourage of neighborhood squirrels wreak havoc at the backyard bird feeding station. The squirrels spill seed, chew feeders, and scare birds away. They are clever creatures and it seems that no matter how well you try to discourage them, they […]

Six-legged Sex

Maybe I should be ashamed, but there is nothing like taking pornographic pictures to keep life exciting. The other day I caught a guy and gal out in my front yard about to have sex in full view of my camera. She was twice the size of him. He held on to her back as […]

I Do Not Know Mushrooms

Mushrooms are ubiquitous. Mushrooms grow on mulch in gardens, on rotting logs and leaf litter of forest floors and in manicured lawns. Some are so distinctive that they are easy to identify. Others look so similar that it is difficult to discern one from another. During my career as a biologist in New York, I was determined to […]

Shh! Don’t Tell Anne!

To say Anne does not like any creature with too many legs or no legs at all is an understatement. While walking along Lake Tsala Apopka recently she retreated behind me pushing me forward because she spotted a four-foot long snake on the ground that we nearly stepped on. It remained motionless even as I […]

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