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Exotic Butterflies in Maryland

Tropical rainforest butterflies float over flowerbeds seeking the sweet nectar the blossoms produce. Morpho butterflies, iridescent sky blue above and brownish below land on a tray with rotting fruit to sip the salts and nutrients from soft bananas, pears and watermelon. Owl butterflies with large eye spots to scare predators also enjoy the produce. Zebra […]

Creature From Down Under

During a recent walk near Lake Tsala Apoka, Anne spots a strange cre√§ture clinging to the edge of the sidewalk. I look down to see an insect with large eyes and claw-like legs. This weird-looking bug is a cicada nymph that just crawled out of the ground. Cicadas are those insects you hear buzzing from […]

No Stone Left Unturned

Walking along the shore of Cocoa Beach, I see a bird foraging in the wake of the waves washing up on the sandy beach. It is the beautiful ruddy turnstone. In the shallow wake water it flips shells, small pebbles and natural debris to find mollusks, worms and other invertebrates. Although you can find this […]

Barred Owl

This evening a barred owl flies out of one tree into another. Since it was dusk, I pushed the ISO to 3200 on my camera to adjust for the dim lighting. The owl was hunting mice, rabbits and squirrels that were eating their last morsels of food before darkness set in. And I was hunting […]

Lichens – Litmus for Air Quality

Each spring, the parula warbler constructs nests made of bearded lichen in the mature forests of northern U.S. and southern Canada. This lichen is so important to the nesting success of this bird that when the lichen disappeared because of air pollution in the mid 1900’s, it stressed the populations of this tree top warbler. […]

The Regal Florida Panther

Hunted to near extinction by the mid-1950’s, the Florida panther was listed as endangered by the U.S. Department of Interior in 1967. The population decreased to approximately 20 Florida Panthers in the wild. The Florida panther is actually a subspecies of the American mountain lion. It lives in hardwood hammocks, cypress swamps and pinelands in […]

The Buzz at Arbor Lakes

On a mid-February Florida afternoon, Anne steps out the back door and hastily retreats. “There are lots of bees flying in the backyard.” As I opened the door, I instantly hear the faint, but distinctive¬†hum of bees. There are dozens of small bees flying inches above the ground and hovering over what looks like anthills […]