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A Winter Jewel

A Winter Jewel

Winter forests have a dismal lifeless look with leafless trees, gray tree trunks and crumbled fallen leaves. Yet I still enjoy walking through woods at this time of year to look for signs of life. In the midst of crumpled brown decaying leaves, I sometimes find a splash of green on the woodland floor. Bending […]

What do Squirrels do in Winter?

If you are an eastern gray squirrel you bulk up in the fall by eating acorns, seeds and nuts. This results in increased fat reserves to insulate you from the cold and acts as energy reservoirs during long, harsh winters. These squirrels also cache acorns and other nuts by burying them in the ground. They […]

Fifty Shades of Green

The winter woodlands is a dismal place with lifeless trees and shrubs, dried dead flowers and grasses and exposed decaying leaf litter and twigs. If you look beyond this bleak landscape, you will discover an intriguing world of plant-like organisms called lichens inhabiting the nooks and crannies of tree bark, fallen branches and boulders. Although […]