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My Morning With a Tricolored Heron

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On a recent Florida morning, a Tricolored Heron flies onto the mudflats of Lake Tsala Apopka. This attractive wading bird steps gingerly into the shallow water and wades into knee-deep water. It pauses and looks intently into the water. No fish. It takes short, slow steps making as little splash as possible. This slate-blue colored heron wanders back and forth and suddenly, it sees a fish. It stalks the fish as it drifts slowly along the waterway. Suddenly, the heron crouches, recoils its long slender neck and without warning strikes the water snatching breakfast in its long pointed bill.

I continue watching this beautiful bird stalk fish until it flies away when a Great Egret lands where the Tricolor was eating breakfast. This is surely better than watching the morning news.

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