Straggler Hummingbird Welcomed

Just after my last blog on how the absence of Hummingbirds signals the start of autumn, I spied a ruby-throated hummingbird by our firecracker bush. A light rain was falling, but it did not stop the hummingbird from engorging itself on the sweet nectar. This world’s smallest bird needs to eat half its weight in sugar each day to survive so I am glad that I have a plant that helps provide the nutrition it needs to complete its journey across the Gulf of Mexico to its winter home in Central America.

4 comments on “Straggler Hummingbird Welcomed

  1. We have so enjoyed our hummingbirds this summer and were talking about the same thing: their absence. But we’re hoping some will stick around at least for a couple more months. Doubtful, though. I love your pictures and that red firecracker bush!!!


    • I’ve heard that there are strays that stay longer into the winter here in Florida although I haven’t seen it in the few years I’ve been here. But you never know with nature! Glad you enjoyed the pics. Peace!

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  2. Just finishing reading: Fastest things on wings : rescuing hummingbirds in Hollywood by Terry Masear, Good read about hummingbirds (hundreds of things I did not know) and hummingbird rescue. (Avail at CC Library)


  3. Thanks for the information. These are amazing birds for sure!


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