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Lunch on Kings Bay

Anne and I enjoy eating out on the porch of a restaurant on the Kings Bay in Crystal River, Florida. The restaurant overlooks Kings Bay on the Gulf of Mexico.

Five boats are moored in the calm mirror-like waters of the large bay. An occasional small boat pulls into the adjoining docks, its passengers come ashore to grab a bite to eat. An eco-tourism boat tours stops in the bay and many of its occupants jump into the water, snorkels on, and each held onto a soft Styrofoam noodle. They float along the surface of the bay looking for wild, native manatees.

Brown pelicans fly back and forth across the bay, attracted to boats returning from their fishing trips. These large birds sit on dock posts and float on the bay in front of the fish cleaning station hoping that a fisherman tosses scraps into the water.

It is just another normal day on Kings Bay in Crystal River.

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