Hurricane Irma is on Its Way!

Numerous birds are at our Florida feeders engorging on the variety of seeds in the food we put out for them. Anne and I are in the process of stocking up on food too. The propane tanks are full and the barbecue and camping stove are in working order. We have also  stocked up on water and batteries.

We will probably loose our electric and the internet will go down and the cell phone service may even go out so this blog will go on hiatus until after the storm passes and services are restored.  We were in New York for Super Storm Sandy so check out my blog entry called: What do Birds do During a Hurricane?  (https://naturechirp.com/2012/11/20/what-do-birds-do-during-a-hurricane/)

For all of you in the path of this powerful storm, be safe.


2 comments on “Hurricane Irma is on Its Way!

  1. I have prayed and am hopeful. Smiles Robin 🐦 🕊


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