Sleeping Bee

I came across a wild aster this morning and found a bumblebee clinging to one of the small flowers, motionless as if frozen in time. Was it dead? Was it sleeping?

Did you know that bumblebees sleep in flowers? If the bee does not find its way back to its nest before the cool evening sets in, it will seek flowers to sleep in. This one may not have been able to find a large flower to rest in, leaving it exposed to a chilly night clinging to this blossom.

Bumblebees are docile creatures so unless you are disturbing their nest, they will not bother you. They do sting If provoked and can sting multiple times, but I have had them land on me without aggression. These bees nest in the ground and the queen will hibernate in her underground nest through the winter.

There are over 250 different bumblebee species and they are important pollinators of the flowers we love and are vital in agriculture. Many species of bumblebees are declining and some are even endangered. While there are a lot of suspects in their decline, it is poorly understood. Like butterflies, bumblebees benefit from flowers you plant in your yard.

2 comments on “Sleeping Bee

  1. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing! Its so sad that these beautiful little insects are on the verge of extinction as their population declines. Love the fact about male bumble bees sleeping on flowers! Did you know that bumble bees are also great pollinators of tomatos. We need to support the life of them and all bees because not only do they pollinate one third of the food we eat but are also responsible for most of the botanic diversity. One thing we can all do is plant pesticide-free bee friendly flowers so there is enough nectar for all pollinators.


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