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The Holly That Loses its Leaves

When people think of holly they envision a shrub or tree with glossy green prickly leaves and bright red berries. There is a species of holly that is deciduous and loses its leaves each winter and it is called winterberry holly.

This holly has crayon green leaves and berries that are green at first, but turn a bright red color before this shrub loses its leaves. It is a tall shrub or short tree that grows in sandy wetland soils and can be found in central and eastern U.S.

Although not a favorite fruit of most birds, northern mockingbirds and cedar waxwings are two that eat the nutritious fruit in the winter. I once observed a mockingbird establish a single winterberry holly tree as its own and it chased all other birds that came near it.

Though birds are capable of eating these berries, it is poisonous to eat by humans and pets. The berries are distasteful, so even deer avoid this plant. But it is a shrub that provides a splash of color in winter woodlands and perhaps in your backyard.

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