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How Sheepshead Got Its Name

How Sheepshead Got Its Name

When I grew up on New York’s Long Island, I knew of a town called Sheepshead Bay. I incorrectly thought it was because the community raised sheep in colonial times, but the town was named for the abundance of an edible fish in the bay there called Sheepshead. The fish got its name because of […]

Elderberry – A Shrub With Many Uses

WARNING – do not .eat berries from trees, bushes, or plants unless you absolutely have a positive ID on the plant. People die from eating poisonous fruits and berries! For example, to the amateur botanist, poison hemlock is  plant that grows in similar habitats as elderberry and has flowers that look similar to elderberry, but […]

How Did the Butterfly Get Its Name?

Personally, I always thought this beautiful insect should be called a flutter-by, not butterfly. Although, sometimes I call them special words I cannot post here when they don’t cooperate when I am trying to photograph them. Some think the butterfly got its name because many of the European butterflies were the color of butter and thus […]

Fairy Circles at Arbor Lakes

Beware of the fairy circle, the elf ring and the pixie ring. Rumor has it they are the gateways to elfin kingdoms where elves gather to dance and party. One of these entryways opened up in front of our clubhouse. You can easily find it by looking for a circle of mushrooms on the lawn. […]

Medicine in Our Back Yard

We are fortunate to live in a community where the developer had an environmental conscience and designed the place in such a way that the lakeshore remained undeveloped and that some of the woodlands were left intact. While walking along the edge of these woodlands, Anne and I saw an unusual looking flower that, to […]