Fairy Circles at Arbor Lakes

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Beware of the fairy circle, the elf ring and the pixie ring. Rumor has it they are the gateways to elfin kingdoms where elves gather to dance and party. One of these entryways opened up in front of our clubhouse. You can easily find it by looking for a circle of mushrooms on the lawn.

The only safe way to explore a fairy ring is to run around it exactly nine times in the direction the sun rises and sets on a full moon night. Be sure to wear your hat backwards as it confuses the fairies. I tried it during our last full moon. Honestly, I did. I thought I heard them singing, but then again maybe it was the ringing in my ears. Or maybe, it was the couple glasses of wine I drank to get the nerve up to try it.

Mushrooms thrive in moist environments and with the abundance rainfall this summer, the conditions are perfect for these fungi to grow. On some lawns mushrooms will grow in an expanding ring from a center point. The rings can grow over 30 feet in diameter. It often starts where there is a rich supply of organic matter such as from decaying roots left behind when a tree is removed. Oftentimes the inner circle becomes discolored. This is due to the nutrients sucked out of the soil by the mushrooms.

Fortunately for me, the elves did not catch me. If they did, they would have made me dance until I dropped from exhaustion. And no, I did not step into the circle for if I did, I would die young (too late for me at this point). Have you seen me lately? These circles can make you invisible to others. Hmm! Maybe I should check that out!

2 comments on “Fairy Circles at Arbor Lakes

  1. Dear Gary and Anne, I enjoy learning new nature facts and fantasies! Great to have a Fairy Ring…we could use more…hopefully our arbor Lake’s residents will get caught and dance more! I think Jack got caught a few years back…he’s been dancing ever since.


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