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The Resilient Mourning Dove

This bird is widespread in North and Central America preferring open habitat where it thrives on farmlands, fields and forest openings. It even does well in urban areas. Its cooing is often mistaken for an owl call. It is mostly the males that call courting the girls. Its primary diet is seeds and it often […]

One Hundredth Blog!

  This will be blog number 100 since I created naturechirp a few years ago. I thought I would take this time to post my favorite moments with wildlife since moving here to Florida. From raccoons making night raids on the hummingbird feeder to soaring kites and gliding carnivorous snails, there certainly has been many […]

Thanksgiving is for the Birds!

Temperatures here in Florida took a dive last night into the mid 30s. This Thanksgiving morning gave rise to many birds visiting our backyard feeders. Chickadees, titmice and cardinals feasted on sunflower seeds. Mourning doves and chipping sparrows devoured the smaller seeds. Even a Carolina wren decided to grab a few seeds. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Are You My Mommy?

“Oh look Gary,” Anne says to me from the back door, “It’s a baby bird!” I jump off the couch and grab my camera. Anne steps back into the house so she doesn’t scare it away and I ease over and look down to see that it is a juvenile mourning dove. I can tell […]