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Christmas in Paradise


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Lighting the Menorah, installing decorative lights on our houses and bushes, hanging mistletoe, wrapping gifts for friends and family – these are just some of the activities that take our time during the holiday season.

When you look in the mall for presents for loved ones, there are egrets along our waterways looking for food to survive the winter.  As you wrap those gifts in colorful paper, spiders are wrapping bugs they caught in sticky webs. When you sing God’s praises in sanctioned churches, birds are singing from evergreen cathedrals. While you shop in food stores for holiday feasts, squirrels are digging up caches buried in the fall. These are the sights and sounds of Christmas to me.

I leave you with this gallery of pictures of God’s creatures living each day as an ordinary day even Christmas. When you shop, wrap and open gifts, drink spirits, install and light up decorations and light the menorah, think of these creatures that these days are just another day in the paradise we call planet earth.

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