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“Lobster” Breakfast for the White Ibis on Lake Tsala Apopka

A single white ibis strolls along the water’s edge of Lake Tsala Apopka on this summer morning. It surveys the lake bottom for something to eat. I am not sure it is finding anything at first, but I continue to focus my camera on the bird as it steps into the water. It probes the lake bottom with its long curved orange bill that latches a crayfish. It hauls the crustacean out of the water. The crayfish makes every effort to break out of the firm grasp by curling its tail wildly as its claws snap at the air. But its attempt to escape is futile and the ibis is able to swallow the crayfish whole. You might think that would satisfy the wader, but it continues to poke about for more crayfish and is successful at downing one, two, three, four and more crayfish in a matter of minutes. The pond is full of these tiny “lobsters” of the fresh water lake and although I do feel bad for them, I know that this is life. Even I enjoy a lobster every now and then!

One comment on ““Lobster” Breakfast for the White Ibis on Lake Tsala Apopka

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