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The Flesh Eating Beast at Arbor Lakes

This is one of the most horrific ways to die. This monster overtakes its victims and eats them from the inside out tearing off tissue bit by bit. But do not fear; it is not interested in you or me.

It  glides on the ground hunting snails and slugs by following their slime trails. Like a cheetah chasing  a gazelle on the African plain, the wolf snail easily overtakes slower moving snails and slugs.  Once it catches up, it eats it, shell and all.  For larger snails, it extends its esophagus into the opening of the snail’s shell, shreds off tissue and sucks the pieces into its stomach. This fearsome creature is the rosy wolf snail. I spied this mollusk on a recent walk in Arbor Lakes where it cruised across a sidewalk and onto the road. It caught my eye because of its pinkish brown shell and of the speed it moved.  So if you live in Florida, count your blessings of you see this snail in your yard; it will keep plant eating snails and slugs under control.

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