The Desert is Alive With Wildlife

Despite scorching heat in the summer and sub-freezing bitter cold in the winter, there are many animals that call the Mojave Desert home. These creatures include reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and mammals.

These animals are well adapted to this challenging ecosystem. Owls and bats become active at night when it is cooler; owls hunt for small mammals and bats eat insects or sip cacti nectar. Crepuscular wildlife, including snakes, lizards and rodents exit their day time borrows at sunrise and sunset when they are most active. Many birds leave the desert to avoid the harsh summer heat.

Noisy cactus wrens epitomize desert living. These birds rarely drink water. Insects provide nutrition and the liquid these birds need to survive. Cactus wrens forage early and late in the day when temperatures are cooler and roost in the shade of desert trees during the heat of the day.

2 comments on “The Desert is Alive With Wildlife

  1. I like this desert Wren and am always amazed at the variety of critters and birds there are. So interesting they eat insects and don’t sip water. Do they drink from desert flowers nectar? Just wondering.


  2. Many birds that live in the desert do drink nectar (in addition to hummingbirds). This wren’s kidneys are so sufficient at removing wastes from the blood that very little fluid is needed by the bird. The desert wren hardly drinks standing water. Another source of water is the fruit of desert cacti.


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