Bighorn Sheep

Anne and I did not spend enough time at Red Rock Canyon to find these hooved mammals, but there are petroglyphs of the sheep in the stone walls at the park proving their existence.

Bighorn sheep are well adapted to life in desert canyons. Though water is sparse, grazing on grasses, wildflowers and twigs provides some of the moisture these animals need to survive. They will visit watering holes every few days to drink. These sheep use their hooves and horns to pry the thorns of cacti away so they can eat the juicy insides. Bighorn sheep are diurnal (active during the day) and bed down at night. During extremely hot summer days, these animals rest during the heat of the day and eat at night.

We hope to return some time and “hunt” down these beautiful creatures and “shoot” them through the camera lens.

2 comments on “Bighorn Sheep

  1. Love petroglyphs. Their simplistic, almost boxy little pictures have an innocence about them, yet they say so much about those who did the drawings.


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