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Wild Cats in Florida

Rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, opossums and birds beware. There is a predator on the loose in Florida. It is a large cat with a short tail and dark spots. It is a skillful and stealthy hunter; it has keen eyesight, razor-sharp claws and sharp teeth. If it catches you, you will be dinner.

The Florida bobcat is ubiquitous in Florida. It lives in woodlands, wetlands and suburban yards. Many people are alarmed when they see bobcats in their neighborhoods, but this feline is a secretive, shy creature and tries to remain hidden from humans.

Bobcats are often mistaken for the Florida panther, a much larger cat that lives in Florida. Bobcat populations are secure in Florida although as suburbia infringes on natural areas, there is likely to be some conflicts between these wild cats and people and their pets.

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