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Roses are Red, Violets are…

It is spring in the northeast and mid-Atlantic, a perfect time to find violets of many different species. During a recent visit to my daughter’s house in Maryland, I was amazed at how ubiquitous the common blue violet was in her neighborhood. Lawns were dotted with the blue blossoms of the common blue violet.

These violets are highly variable in color ranging from deep blues to white with blue highlights. It grows in open meadows and sunny woodlands where it attracts insects for pollination.

There are many species of violets, some with heart shapes leaves and others with lance-like leaves. Some species are white with blue veins while others are blue with a splash of white in the center and there are even violets that are deep blue with yellow centers.

Although the violets I saw in Maryland seem to grow like weeds on the manicured lawns, my daughter embraces these delicate plants and enjoys them during their brief bloom.

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