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The White Violets

Yes, some violets are white and there are many species of white violets, several of them I am featuring here. There are a few characteristics that distinguish violets from one another. In addition to blossom color, there are differences in the shape of the leaves, variability in the texture of the leaves (some have fine hairs, others are shiny) and each species grows in distinctive habitats.

The primrose-leaved violet is a small white violet with egg-shaped leaves with scalloped edges. The leaves often have fine hairs. It thrives in wet sandy pine barren meadows.

The second white violet is lance-leaved violet which has lance shaped leaves. It often has multiple flowers at the end of one stem. The flower is also called the bog violet because it grows sandy bog-like areas.

The sweet white violet has heart-shaped leaves and its flower is at the end of a single stem that is usually taller than its leaves. It grows in moist woodlands and in red maple-black gum forests.

These violets grow from the mid-west to the eastern U.S. from Canada south to the Gulf Coast States and are a delight to see in their native environment.

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